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Driving Lessons

"Learning to Drive Will Transform Your Life Forever"

The thought of starting driving lessons for the first time can be daunting and a little nerve racking even for the most excited person. And if you have had a bad experience with a previous instructor can put you off learning for a long time.

We are no ordinary driving school, we offer all new customers (with the exception of those that have a test booked or taken a previous test) our unique "Try Us" taster lessons so that you can get a feel for the way we run our driving school business and the excellent service our driving instructors provide.

The thrill of learning: and the experiences to remind you how amazing driving is.

Learning to drive is an exciting time and the experience will stay with you long after you have passed your driving test. It will lay the foundations for a life time of safe driving and an experience you are never likely to forget.

Your driving lessons will be challenging but fun, and your learning environment will be calm and relaxed. You will be taught at your own pace and given confidence to develop your skills in a professional but friendly manner.

Each of your driving lessons will be carefully structured by your instructor so that you achieve your objective at the end, and have made a small step nearer to that all important test date. Your safety is our upmost priority and we will only ask you to do what we know you are capable of.

Your training is broken down into stages, which allows your instructor to constantly assess your progress. If you are falling short of your target, your instructor will focus on getting you back on track.

Your progress report manual will give you a clear indication of how far you have travelled on your learning journey and how much further there is to go before your driving test day.