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If you're thinking about a Career as a Driving Instructor but you're not sure you're instructor material, take a trial session first before signing up with anyone.

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John Mills  Passed his qualifying ADI exam in November 2014Read Sarah's Review




5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Driving Instructor


Many people dream of changing their career and improving their lifestyle but never get round to doing it! Either the desire is not strong enough to start a fresh, or they feel that they are not capable of learning a new career, or don’t have the time to start.


The goods news is that you can train to become a driving instructor in less than just a few months, working around your existing job or other commitments.


What qualifications should you have?

You already possess many of the skills necessary to become a driving instructor and with our help you can become a brilliant one. But you must also be a good driver yourself. You'll also need to be patient, a good listener, reliable, helpful and great with people.


5 Reasons why a career as a driving instructor might be right for you:

  1. Control over the hours you work: You've got the flexibility to work around your family​ and you can create time to do the things in life you love doing.
  2. Meet new people, make new friends and maybe even teach the whole family. 
  3. You're the boss, you've got your own independence, and the choice of when to work and when to go on holiday.
  4. Earn a good living: Manage your business well and you’re in control of what you earn.
  5. Job satisfaction: There's no better feeling than when teaching people new skills and knowing that you've helped them achieve their goals.





"I'm Kev and I'm immensely proud to have built Elite Driving School from the start as a solo instructor back in 1989, into a thriving driving school business.


The business has been built on hard work and honesty, by supplying high value driver training to both learner drivers and people wanting a career as driving instructors.


Read our reviews 

Read more about the Career here


Here I'll explain about the course and why we offer a better solution to training than other training schools.




Flexible training

We know you're probably going to be busy so we won’t ask you to give up work to train, because we offer training based around your work/life commitments, and we won’t ask you to travel miles to us either because we are local and on your doorstep.


One 2 One training

We believe that your training should be focussed solely on you, which is why your training is conducted on a one to one basis with just you and your personal trainer in the car. 


More course hours and a superior service

We offer great value flexible training packages, and there are NO STRINGS or hidden extras attached. You can pay weekly, monthly or all upfront, it’s your choice. You can also buy as many training hours as you need, and if you don't use them we'll credit them back to you. 


And if at any time you think you’ve made a mistake and decide it’s not the career for you then we guarantee to refund any unused training hours and tests fee’s that have been paid in advance immediately.


After qualification you can work with our own very successful driving school

You will be offered a franchise with our own very successful driving school if that's right for you. We will manage your business while you build up your skills and reputation, and we'll be on hand with help and to support you with your new career. 


Where do you go for training

We offer driving instructor training courses in Hull, York, Leeds, Sheffield and Lincoln. If you don't live in these area's and want to join our training program call our office on 03332 004130 and let's see what we can do to help. 


Join us on a discovery day

Your invited to join us at our local office, we'll explain the process involved in training to become a driving instructor, what it's like working as a driving instructor, what you should expect to earn and the prospects after you've qualified. It's also a great opportunity to meet the trainers and ask your questions. 


What you need to become a driving instructor?

To register as a potential driving instructor, you must be over 21 and have held a full driving licence in category B (manual cars) for at least 3 years. You must not have been disqualified during this time.  


First you will need to apply for a criminal records check which you do online, but before you start you'll need to use the following;

·         organisation PIN 105205

·         secret word axis

·         organisation name DVSA - PDI (PO)

Then proceed to the online page at: https://www.gov.uk/criminal-record-check-become-driving-instructor



Registering with the DVSA

Once you have your criminal record reference number you can register with the DVSA as a potencial driving instructor.

To do this you will need:

·         your driving licence number

·         your criminal record disclosure number, and the date it was produced

·         details of any motoring or non-motoring offences, and disqualifications from driving

·         details of any court

 cases being brought against you

Then proceed to the online registration page: https://www.gov.uk/apply-to-become-a-driving-instructor




John Mills

I first started my training to become a driving instructor with another company. During the time I was with them, I didn't get any support or help when I needed it. They promised me everything before I signed up once I handed over my money things very quickly changed. I felt like I was being passed from pillar to post, and my training was dragging on and on. I was on the verge of giving up and throwing months of work down the toilet.

I decided I needed to look elsewhere for training and was recommended to Elite by a few instructors I'd spoken to. I checked them out online and was impressed with the great reviews so I gave them a call. I spoke with Kevin and he was great. He was very honest and upfront with me from the very start. I knew that this was the right company to go with for my training. So I dropped the company I was with. Kevin helped me get a part refund from my previous trainer and started my training with Elite.

Duncan was my trainer and he was fantastic. He gave me a time table for training and all the resources I needed, and was always available to talk to with if I had any concerns or I just needed a confidence boost.

He really did go the extra mile and always seemed so happy to help me. I could see a big difference in the way Duncan carried out my training from what I was used to from the other company I was with. 

Elite and Duncan had me ready to take my final part of the ADI qualifying process far sooner than I could  have hoped for, and as you can tell from my picture I passed.

Kevin had promised me a position with their driving school as soon as I qualified, and he stuck to his word. Within a few weeks I was driving a brand new Citroen DS3, and I had enough customers to get me started. I could have had a full diary immediately but I sat down with Kevin and he worked out a plan to bring me in to the job steadily, increasing my customers week by week.

But it doesn't stop there. Kevin has worked out an 8 month training agenda so that I can quickly develop my skills as an instructor, which has been a massive help so far. I'm lucky because I'm part of a team who cares about their instructors and customers alike.

Since I qualified I've spoken with many local instructors, and I'm 110% confident I chose the best driving school around. 

If you are thinking about becoming a driving instructor don't look anywhere else go with Elite instructor training. I would have never passed without Elite and Duncan's help. I just can't thank them enough so looking forward to my new career as an approved driving instructor with Elite Driving School.

John Mills


East Yorkshire. .




Driving Instructor Training Courses


We offer a choice of courses depending on your existing situation. And you can choose to pay upfront, by installments or pay as you go. We can tailor a course for each individual because we know there's no such thing as one course fits all.

To chat about your options please call us on 01482 772302




Our premier training programme:

Our all inclusive course is the Premier driving instructor training course, which has evolved over 25 years, and is constantly being updated to incorporate new teaching techniques and of course the changes within the DVSA’s guidelines. 


The course includes up to 70 hours of in car training, 25% more than most other training schools offer. Most driver training packages don't include enough hours for proper preparation which is why so many people who embark on becoming a driving instructor never qualify. 


Part 1: The theory

We'll supply you with your part one study pack and give you a half day training course with our head trainer to help you prepare for the Theory test test.

You'll get 8 x books which will help you prepare for the part 1 exam, plus hazard perception DVDs and your own part 1, 2 and 3 home study guide. The part one home study guide will help you quickly digest all the important information you need to know for the test. 


The content in this guide has proved to be an invaluable asset to everyone who has used it.

This isn't just assistance with the part 1 test, It's the foundation for the entire course and beyond after qualification. 

Because we plan ahead, we will take you out for a driving assessment and give you a complete detailed report with an explanation of where you can immediately start making progress. This will give you plenty of time to start practicing your driving techniques while you’re out in your own vehicle before you move on top phase 2. 


Part 2: The test of your driving ability

You will by now have had plenty of time to practice brushing up on your driving before embarking on the part 2 driving skills course. This course is a 10 hour course, but don't worry if you need a little extra practice we've got it covered. The first time pass rate for the ADI part 2 test was only 48% in 2013, so don't be fooled into thinking it's easy.

You will use our training vehicle for your lessons and the test. Your trainer will accompany you on the day of your test to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Part 3 this is the final stage of qualification and the one that requires the majority of your training hours: 

Part 3 is a combination of the two previous stages plus the ability to teach. Think of it this way, you have learnt the theory, and you have learnt the practical, and now you’re going to pass on your knowledge to others. But you're going to need eagle eyes and a sharp mind. Your personal trainer will work with you to develop lesson strategies and plans away from the car so that your time in the car isn't wasted chatting at the side of the road.

You will learn our tried and tested format to lesson planning and teaching which is far more flexible than that taught by many instructors of other training schools.  

Important Note: There is no substitute for hard work, but with proper practice and quality training you'll reach your goal.  


The Premier Instructor training course also includes:

  • One of each of the three test fee's, so if you pass each at the first attempt you're saving a fortune over those that include and charge you for numerous attempts.

  • Your tests booked on your behalf so you don't have to worry about doing them yourself.

  • Direct access to your personal trainer and the school for help and advice, and there's no limit on the times you can call upon us for assistance.

  • Your in-car training is conducted in our own vehicles, so your not using you're own insurance and petrol


  • Unlimited access to our full library of training resources


  • Regular course work for Preparation before you get into the car so that none of your paid time is wasted.


We have a long history of success with over 27 years of experience in the driver training industry, so you can guarantee we won't let you down.


After qualification:

We will offer you a position with our own driving school, so your new career gets off to a great start.


If you chose to go it alone we have developed new technologies that will help your new business get off the ground quickly, giving you an advantage over your competitors.


Embarking on any new career requires careful thought and research. You will undoubtedly have many questions and quite rightly so.


We have a couple of ways in which we can help you:

1) You can arrange a time to pop in to our local office for a chat with an expert. 


2) You can take our unique trial

The trial is a kind of assessment, where you get the chance to spend a few hours in the training vehicle with your trainer. During those few hours, you'll been taken on an assessment drive, and play the role of a driving instructor in a mini driving lesson, finally leaving you with plenty of time to ask all the questions you can think of.


Caqll us on 03332 004130



We are a local business teaching local people.













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What's life like as a driving instructor

If you're thinking about a career as a driving instructor and you'd like to know what it's like being a driving instructor and your prospects after qualification, download our Free book:



If you're thinking about a Career as a Driving Instructor but you're not sure you're instructor material, take a trial session first before signing up with anyone.

call:033320004130 for details and get an exclusive trial offer...



"I found out about Elite Driving School by scrolling through Facebook one day, I signed up for the emails to follow Kevin's story about his experience as a driving instructor and his training. 

I found it interesting and it re-ignited my passion to become a driving instructor, as I had a bad experience 3 years before. 

From chatting to Kev on the phone about Elite's training, I realised this is what I wanted to do. 

I went into the office quite apprehensive, after a couple of minutes I relaxed and had a great time chatting about the training. 

I decided to book my training with Elite because Kev explained the training course I would be on, and how his team would help me achieve my goals. I also felt it was the best option from all the other training companies I have contacted. 

I’m a full time mum and as you can imagine I get very little free time for study and training. So Kev worked out a schedule that wouldn’t be too stressful for me.

I started training a few months ago and so far I’ve passed both part one and two exams at the first attempt and I’m now looking forward to the final exam and starting a new career as a driving instructor with Elite.

I can highly recommend Elite because they work around your availability, they’re always on hand with help and support, and their training system is easy to understand and learn".

From Jo Temple, Hull 





I was hooked. I've met both Duncan and Stuart from the training team and both guys were instantly likeable and put me at ease


"Having looked into the possibility of becoming a Driving Instructor in 2009, I made my first mistake.... I called the wrong people.

I didn't fall for the usual offers, promising the Earth that are maybe associated with larger national companies, but even though i did try to go for a local company with a fairly large profile, i soon became disillusioned. 

Meeting in a car park.

Sharing time with other people in the car as opposed to a one to one.

It just didn't feel right and i didn't feel i was getting the undivided attention that I personally need to progress quickly.

Lets be clear. If becoming a Driving Instructor was easy, we'd all do it and the roads would be full of instructors.

It's not.


But picking the right place to start can make it easier.

I saw an advert for Elite on the internet whilst looking for an instructor for a family member, and the "itch i didn't scratch" from 2009 came back.

I filled in an online form with my details and the first thing that impressed me was that i got a call from Kev within 30 minutes.

When i asked who Kev was, He told me he was the owner of Elite..... 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's who you want to deal with, whichever company you call..... The Owner!

Within a matter of days i was having a "Taster Session" so to speak with one of the Trainers at Elite. A kind of try before you buy if you will.


I was hooked. I've met both Duncan and Stuart from the training team and both guys were instantly likeable and put me at ease.

Since then, with support from Kev in the office, i passed my Part 1 with a score of 92% and have recently passed my Part 2, with Stuart with a near perfect drive.

I would add at this point, that the level at which i was trained was not just to scrape through the test.

It became apparent that Stuart had pushed me to the best i could be and before my test he was very calm, which rubbed off on me.


He's become a friend who I trust to get me the career i want and when he told me "you've got this test in the bag" before i was joined by the examiner, it gave me the confidence to relax and give it my best.

He was right!


I've got the right team behind me at Elite.

Pauline or Kev answer the phone when i call with what maybe "Daft" questions. The office door is always open.

And the guy sat next to me coaching me gives me confidence and we have a good laugh as well.

I cant wait to get started on the career I've wanted for so long. I wish I'd called Elite sooner".


Thank's guys.

Graham Houghton