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ADI | Driving instructor training price guide



Training to Become a Driving Instructor Price guide


Elite's training course has been developed with over 27 years of research in the driving instructor training industry supporting it. We constantly monitor and update our training to incorporate new teaching & coaching techniques and of course the changes within the DVSA’s guidelines.

Our main objective is to train you to become a very successful driving instructor, and operate a reputable business as an Elite franchise instructor, or as an independent should you decide upon that option. But we also have to follow the DVSA guidelines. The DVSA want to see driving instructors conducting lessons the DVSA way.


Course details:

Please note: Before you can start your training, you'll need to apply for a criminal record check. This service costs £6 and generally takes a couple of weeks. You can’t use the one you have already – you must apply for a new one Watch the video here

Next you can apply to the DVSA to start the qualifying process to become a driving instructor. It takes about two weeks before you receive your reference number.


Part 1 Theory & hazard perception

From the start you should be thinking about pre-booking your ADI part one test for about 4 to 6 weeks in advance. We can supply you with the DVSA’s recommended study books (6 in total), including the hazard perception DVD’s, if required or you can purchase them from Amazon, or the TSO shop here

You can also purchase a copy of our superb home study course, for parts 1, 2 3, and beyond, including our online course with training videos etc.

The part 1 guide will give you a logical and structured approach to assist with your learning.

The real power behind the home study guide is that it will explain which chapters of which books to read at any particular point. This method has proved very successful in helping people digest the correct information without having to read every single word of every book, which can take a lot of time and lead to some confusion.

The part 1 test consists of questions in 4 bandings, and you must score over 85% in each banding, failure to do so on any one of the 4 bandings will result in a failure.


Once you have passed the part one theory test it's time to book your part two practical test.


Part 2: The test of your driving ability

You will by now have had plenty of time to practice brushing up on your driving before embarking on the part 2 driving skills course. This is a 10-hour course, but don't worry if you need a little extra practice we've got it covered. The first time pass rate for the ADI part 2 test was only 48% in 2013, so don't be fooled into thinking it's easy. You will use our training vehicle for your lessons and the test. Your trainer will accompany you on the day of your test to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Once you have passed the part two practical test, it's time to book your part three instructional ability test.


Part 3 this is the final stage of qualification and the one that requires the majority of your training hours:

Part 3 is a combination of the two previous stages plus the ability to teach. Think of it this way, you have learnt the theory, and you have learnt the practical, and now you’re going to pass on your knowledge to others. But you're going to need eagle eyes and a sharp mind. Your personal trainer will work with you to develop lesson strategies and plans away from the car so that your time in the car isn't wasted chatting at the side of the road.

Our instructor part 3 training includes 40 hours, plus any unused training hours from part two. Part three is one 2 one in car tuition with your Elite trainer, who will help you bring everything together to deliver a high value, interactive & structured driving lesson.


Included in our training program:​

  • direct access to your personal trainer and the school for help and advice.
  • your in-car training in our own vehicles, so you’re not using your own insurance and petrol


Important Note: There is no substitute for hard work, but with proper practice and quality training you'll reach your goal.


Price Guide 

Option 1: Our standard diving instructor training course: 

Our standard course is 50 hours of one 2 one tuition, this can be used for both part two & three training, or just part three if you choose, and it also includes training workshops



Option 2: Our Premier diving instructor training course:

Our premier course includes, part one books, manuals and online training. There's an additional 10 hours in car tuition, plus workshops, evaluation lessons and mock tests. The course also includes one attempt at each of the three exams, and we'll also book them for you so everything runs smoothly:

The price for the complete course is £2,626.00, NOW ONLY £2,313 which can also be spread over 5 months at £485 each month.


Join Elite on a franchise and receive *£800 to *£1000 credit re-invested towards your business expenses:

As soon as you qualify you will guaranteed a position with our own successful driving school, if it’s right for you, to help your new career gets off to a great start.

*ask for details


Pay as you Train

You can pay for your training sessions each time you take them. They are charged at £32 per hour (training sessions are generally taken in 3 hours durations £96)

Book & pay 10 hours in advance £300

Book & pay 20 hours in advance £600

Book & pay 30 hours in advance £900


Extra options

Driving Instructor Assessment are a 2.5 hour duration just £17 *only one per customer

Classroom Workshops £50 each

Recommended reading material (6 books including DVD's) £95

Online training course and manuals £200


DVSA Test fee's:

Tests booked and paid directly to the DVSA

Part 1 Theory test £81

Part 2 Ability to drive test £111

Part 3 ability to instruct test £111


When you join Elite driving school on a 12-month franchise, you will receive £800 to £1000 credit re-invested towards your business expenses. *ask for details


Still sat on the fence? Book a driving instructor trial:


If you're unsure whether a career as a driving instructor is the right choice for you, we're happy to offer you a unique driving instructor assessment, it's one 2 one with an Elite instructor trainer.

Your assessment will last two and a half hours and covers each element of the qualifying process, and it will give you a real flavour of what it will be like working as a driving instructor.

The trial starts with an introduction to:

  • Part 1 - Theory questions and hazard perception clips
  • Part 2 - Your trainer will take you out on an assessment drive, giving you some great tips to take away.
  • Part 3 - Your chance to become the driving instructor. You can jump in the instructor hot seat and teach your trainer a basic manoeuvre
  • After your assessment you can spend 30 mins, longer if you prefer chatting with a member of our team and getting the best advice.


The driving instructor Assessments are run from our head offices in Kirk Ella (Monday - Friday between 10am and 3pm) and must be booked in advance.

We ask for a £17 basic charge for the assessments to cover insurance and fuel. Our time with you is 100% free.


To book your free driving instructor assessment call the office on 03332 004130 

£800 franchise credit - only available when you join Elite Driving School on a 12 months franchise after you qualify as an instructor, and register as an ADI with the DVSA. 


Premier course cancellations: If you decide that you no longer wish to continue for any reason, you will be refunded for any unused test fees at the DVSA rate, and any unused course hours taken will be re-calculated and charged at the standard rate of £36 and the refund will be for any unused time. There will be no refund for the workshops, books and DVD's already supplied. 

Book and pay for 50 hours and save £300, full payment of £1,500 required before the start of the training. If the lessons are cancelled and a credit requested the hours taken will be re-calculated and charged at the standard rate of £36 and the refund will be for any unused time.

Driving Instructor Assessment 2.5 hours @ £17 *only one per customer


The Next Step:

  1. Call the office and ask your questions
  2. Make an appointment to visit us at the office and spend an hour with an expert  
  3. Take an assessment and find out if it's the right career choice for you


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