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Driving Instructor Assessment


Starting a new career as a driving instructor, It's a big decision to make, and there's a cost involved in training too. So, you might want to make sure that you've got the right team to help you before you start:


I know what it's like, you just want information, but they want sales.

Training is the big new thing that the sales companies have jumped on to over the past few years. They get well paid by the big national training companmies to sell you on to their training courses.


What that means for you is that the person talking to you about becoming a driving instructor, isn't an instructor themselves, but they can sell you the dream.


You might prefer to know who's going to be training you, because If you gel with the people you're spending time with you'll get more from the experience.


We believe you deserve more than just conveyor style training programs, we believe you should be able to spend time getting to know the training team before you make your decision to employ their services. 


That's why we offer our unique instructor trial. It's a kind of assessment but with a difference, because it's your chance to assess us and see if we match up to your expectations.


On the trial you get the chance to spend a few hours in the training vehicle with your trainer. During those few hours, you'll take an assessment drive, followed by playing the role of a driving instructor on a mini driving lesson. 


The trial finishes with an informal chat and a coffee. During this time you'll be able to delve deeper and find out more about the training course, your prospects after qualification, and ask your questions.


The 2 hour Driving Instructor trail is just £17 and if you decide to join us we'll refund your money.


Of course, we could offer the trail for free, but that often attracts people who have no real interest in this career, and we only want to work with people who are commited to change their future by becoming a driving instructor.



Graham booked the trial at a discovery day and said:


I was hooked. I've met both Kev and Stuart from the training team and both guys were instantly likeable and put me at ease


"Having looked into the possibility of becoming a Driving Instructor in 2009, I made my first mistake.... I called the wrong people.

I didn't fall for the usual offers, promising the Earth that are maybe associated with larger national companies, but even though i did try to go for a local company with a fairly large profile, i soon became disillusioned. 

Meeting in a car park.

Sharing time with other people in the car as opposed to a one to one.

It just didn't feel right and i didn't feel i was getting the undivided attention that I personally need to progress quickly.

Lets be clear. If becoming a Driving Instructor was easy, we'd all do it and the roads would be full of instructors.

It's not.


But picking the right place to start can make it easier.

I saw an advert for Elite on the internet whilst looking for an instructor for a family member, and the "itch i didn't scratch" from 2009 came back.

I filled in an online form with my details and the first thing that impressed me was that i got a call from Kev within 30 minutes.

When i asked who Kev was, He told me he was the owner of Elite..... 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's who you want to deal with, whichever company you call..... The Owner!

Within a matter of days i was having a 3 hour "Taster Session" so to speak with one of the Trainers at Elite. A kind of try before you buy if you will.


I was hooked. I've met both Kev and Stuart from the training team and both guys were instantly likeable and put me at ease.

Since then, with support from Kev in the office, i passed my Part 1 with a score of 92% and have recently passed my Part 2, with Stuart with a near perfect drive.

I would add at this point, that the level at which i was trained was not just to scrape through the test.

It became apparent that Stuart had pushed me to the best i could be and before my test he was very calm, which rubbed off on me.


He's become a friend who I trust to get me the career i want and when he told me "you've got this test in the bag" before i was joined by the examiner, it gave me the confidence to relax and give it my best.

He was right!


I've got the right team behind me at Elite.

Pauline or Kev answer the phone when i call with what maybe "Daft" questions. The office door is always open.

And the guy sat next to me coaching me gives me confidence and we have a good laugh as well.

I cant wait to get started on the career I've wanted for so long. I wish I'd called Elite sooner".


Thank's guys.

Graham Houghton