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If you're thinking about a Career as a Driving Instructor but you're not sure you're instructor material, take a trial session first before signing up with anyone.

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We're Nothing like the BIG SOM’S why? Ask Pauline…


I was talking with Pauline yesterday and she told me she’d love to manage more driving instructors businesses for them so that they can enjoy just teaching their students.

She said that there are a lot of instructors that are struggling to find the perfect relationship with a driving school that they can trust to focus on their needs. She said there are plenty of the big schools they can partner with but the balance is generally one sided and in the favour of the school.

Pauline also said that you can’t help instructors with the organisation in their business if you’re not accessible or good with management yourself.


…if you’re in a franchise but you’re not getting the help you think you should

…if you’re a new driving instructor or still training and want help but don’t know who to trust

…if you’ve been doing this job for a few years now but are not seeing the results you expected


Then this is for you.

We are looking for a handful of driving instructors who would like a ‘done for you’ service so that they can just concentrate on just teaching! Pauline our head of operations manager will discuss what support you need, and then she’ll make it happen.


She cares deeply about our instructors and believes a great working partnership is about trust and commitment between both the school and the instructor, and she’s pretty dam good at building the perfect partnership with instructors, and we’re pretty good at helping you develop one with your students too. 


Driving Instructor Sarah Healey of Elite Driving School

Sarah Healey joined us mid 2015 and wrote:

Since qualifying as an ADI in October 2010 I had been franchised to a large national driving school. For the last 18 months I had progressively felt undervalued and irrelevant. During that period I considered going solo or joining an alternative local company.

Following several favourable chats with Elite driving instructors I decided to contact Kev for the low-down on his company. Kev's enthusiasm and passion plus Pauline's organisational skills shone through convincing that this was my way forward.

Whilst I was initially reluctant for Elite to manage my diary it has turned out to be an asset to my business. Elite helps me make more effective use of my time as the supplied pupils are now in a more concentrated area. The company is excellent at generating good quality pupils who, on the whole, are committed to learning to drive.

Since joining Elite I feel less tired, more motivated and as a consequence am able to provide a better quality of instruction. Kev & Pauline's approachable and supportive manner lets me know that I am a respected member of the team. 

Thanks from Sarah 




Keith Wetherall joined us a few weeks earlier and said:

"I have been a driving instructor for 13 years; qualifying and operating a franchise with a large national company. Over recent years I had become disillusioned with the level of commitment to the local area by the company and the amount of business they were generating for me.

Through that period I had been aware of Elite and have always been impressed with the satisfaction shown by their franchisees. I heard that Elite were looking for more instructors at about the same time I decided it was time to move on. Following a discussion with a former colleague I contacted Kev at Elite. From there things moved rapidly and I began a franchise with them in March 2015.

From the first week my diary was filled with quality pupils and I have been kept busy ever since. Indeed I could easily have many more pupils if I had space in my diary. The office back up is very friendly, efficient but not obtrusive.

What impresses me most about Kev's approach is his commitment to us. He has his finger on the local pulse and consequently targets his marketing at the appropriate potential clients".

Cheers Keith. 


It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran ADI, an overwhelmed driving instructor, or a budding rookie….we’re here to help you.


You’ll get the highest level of support from us guaranteed, and you’ll benefit from:








And whether you’re new to being a driving instructor or not we promise to help update your skills or continue your training and help you build a great reputation with your customers

This is just some of what we do for our instructors……

What’s more there’s absolutely no pressure from long term contracts!

We’ve been helping ADI’s live a better life from this industry for the past 26 years and our service costs a lot less than you can imagine.

So If you’re an ADI who want’s help right now Call Kev on 03332 004130 and I’ll show you why Elite really is a FIVE STAR driving school – I’ll even give you the first 30 days free, and I’ll guarantee you won’t find a better driving school to partner with.


Just give it a try and I’ll tell you everything you need to know, there’s No commitment



Call Kev today on:


For Hull, Sheffield and Lincoln 03332 004130


For York and Leeds 01904 819781  








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What's life like as a driving instructor

If you're thinking about a career as a driving instructor and you'd like to know what it's like being a driving instructor and your prospects after qualification, download our Free book:



If you're thinking about a Career as a Driving Instructor but you're not sure you're instructor material, take a trial session first before signing up with anyone.

call:01482 772302 or 01904 819781 for details and get an exclusive trial offer...