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Driving Instructor Franchise



A Franchise working with Elite Driving School


What’s happening with the driving school industry is fascinating, for the first time in years many ADI’s have people stacked up waiting to book lessons with them. It’s great for instructors but not so good if you're the one waiting for lessons. 


And as people become frustrated with the situation, they frantically ring around trying to find an instructor who can fit them in. Now this brings extra pressure on instructors because left messages need a reply, even if it's just to say No sorry I can't fit you in. 


Many ADI's have precious little time to do everything for themselves and still have time at the end of the day to do the stuff they want to do. So, finding the perfect work - life balance for many instructors becomes a challenge.


Join a driving school and let them take care of the organisation and marketing in your business that can tie up so much of your free time. Don't be a slave to your job. The trouble many ADI's see is that virtually every driving school franchise in the UK focus on providing a car and a few pupils, but few barely give any thought to you and your needs.

Well we can change that. Let us help you make your business great again, and put the fun back into teaching…

You can have your own experienced staff member working for you while you're out teaching, and be confident that someone is managing your business interests and helping your reputation grow.

Next you’ll have a system in place that will eliminate any mix up with lesson times and locations that can sometimes disrupt your day. And your customer details are stored in one place so that you can quickly access progress reports and payment history whenever needed.

If you have the right help you can start to regain time in your day without having to do everything yourself.

Because of our market positioning we don't offer ridiculously low deals and we don't expect you to either. We attract people who are prepared to pay extra for a better service.

You won't believe how awesome working with us is until you've experienced it for yourself, and like many of our ADI's you might find that our premium prices and the time we save you pay for the service we provide.

We can help you achieve more as an ADI than you ever thought possible


Statistics show that the majority of instructors working as a franchisee for reputable driving schools had a much better work/life balance than solo independent ADI's.

But not all driving school franchises are the same. See Keith's review... 


Keith Started with Elite on the 9th March 2015

Hi I am Keith Wetherell.
I have been a driving instructor for 13 years; qualifying and operating a franchise with a large national company. Over recent years I had become disillusioned with the level of commitment to the local area by the company and the amount of business they were generating for me.
Through that period I had been aware of Elite and have always been impressed with the satisfaction shown by their franchisees. I heard that Elite were looking for more instructors at about the same time I decided it was time to move on. Following a discussion with a former colleague I contacted Kev at Elite. From there things moved rapidly and I began a franchise with them in March 2015.
From the first week my diary was filled with quality pupils and I have been kept busy ever since. Indeed I could easily have many more pupils if I had space in my diary. The office back up is very friendly, efficient but not obtrusive.
What impresses me most about Kev's approach is his commitment to us. He has his finger on the local pulse and consequently targets his marketing at the appropriate potential clients.
Most impressed so far!
Cheers Keith


Driving instructor Sarah Healey


Sarah Healey Joined Elite from one of the big nationals

Since qualifying as an ADI in October 2010 I had been franchised to a large national driving school. For the last 18 months I had progressively felt undervalued and irrelevant.  During that period I considered going solo or joining an alternative local company. 

Following several favourable chats with Elite driving instructors I decided to contact Kev for the low-down on his company. Kev's enthusiasm and passion plus Pauline's organisational skills shone through convincing that this was my way forward.

Whilst I was initially reluctant for Elite to manage my diary it has turned out to be an asset to my business.  Elite helps me make more effective use of my time as the supplied pupils are now in a more concentrated area. The company is excellent at generating good quality pupils who, on the whole, are committed to learning to drive.

Since joining Elite I feel less tired, more motivated and as a consequence am able to provide a better quality of instruction. Kev & Pauline's approachable and supportive manner lets me know that I am a respected member of the team. 

From Sarah Healey



Hi I'm Kev Goldthorpe, I've been in the driver training industry for over 25 years.

I offer driving instructors an alternative to traditional and often expensive franchise's where the benefits are often heavily weighted in their favour.

I know how difficult this business can be, and how you can spend a lot of your time just playing catch up. 


We are on target this year with our expansion plans and we are looking to partner with instructors who want a company to manage the organisation of their business, and provide good quality customers while they focus on providing a quality service to their students.  


So if you're looking for a business partner to help your business run smoothly, and get the life - work balance right, without committing yourself to an expensive franchise then pick up the phone give me a call on 01482 772304 and ask for Kev


We would like to forge a partnership with instructors in the following areas:

East Hull, West Hull, Hedon area, Beverley, leconfield, all areas of York, Leeds and Lincoln


We are not constantly recruiting and once these spaces have been filled this advert will be removed. If you're interested in a partnership with Elite, please pick up the phone and call the office on: 


01482 772304 for Hull and surrounding areas

01904 819781 for York and surrounding areas


I'll guarantee you won't regret it!



"Gone are the days of just word of mouth"

"My name is Jeannette Pickering after working on my own for 2 years I realised how hard it was to replace pupils once they had passed their test! Gone are the days of just "word of mouth" what I needed was someone to promote my skills. So I met with Kev at Elite and I immediately knew that this was the Driving School for me as Kev explained how the school worked, what was expected of me as a driving instructor, and what I was going to benefit from by joining Elite.
I have now been working for Elite for 18 months and have never looked back! Kev is always at the end of the phone for advice and I know that his commitment to his company is paramount. I look forward to working with Kev in the future."
From: Jeannette Pickering ADI



"They helped me develop my teaching techniques" 

"Joining Elite at the start of my new career was the best choice for me, they helped me develop my teaching techniques, and if I had a problem or I needed advice there was always help at hand. Elite are a community of instructors that help each other to improve their skills and their business. 15 years on and I'm still with Elite.
Here's to the next 15 years with Elite" from Steve Hartley ADI 





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